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Go West
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A little history about the show.

Early 1996 - Mark Johnson approaches J.J. Wright with an idea for a   

                     show for CCTV. A show that plays Country Music Videos.


Mid 1996 - One of the stations volunteers, Vicky, had a contact at

                   Aristomedia, and soon after the station starts receiving

                   videos to play.


Summer 1996 - J.J. approaches Mark and informs him that videos

                          are starting to pile up, and wonders if Mark is still

                          interested in doing the show. Answer? YES!


                         Mark immediately begins the search for a female

                         co-host.  Becky Mikesh is chosen and "Go West" is   



Sept. 1996 - The first episode is taped at Malarkey Ranch Bed and

                     Breakfast in Warren, Oregon, just outside of St. Helens.

                     The first show closes with a locally produced video which

                      features co-host Mark Johnson singing the Toby Keith

                      hit song "Should've Been A Cowboy", which was taped

                      and edited by Todd Hilton, a fellow CCTV volunteer.


April/May 1998 - J.J. Wright, original producer and co-creator of "Go

                           West", leaves CCTV for bigger and better things.

                           Chuck Purvis, who had previously been involved

                           mainly with CCTV's sports programming, takes over

                           as the new producer.


July 1999 - The one and only time Mark doesn't appear in an episode

                   of "Go West". Unable to stand because of cellulitis in his

                   left foot, Mark has Becky's husband Bob fill in for him.


Sept. 2001 - Becky leaves the show and the search is on for a new

                     co-host. Fill-ins during the search include Debi Corsiglia,

                     and Kim Johnson (Mark's now ex-wife).


Late 2001 - Tina  joins the cast of "Go West" as the new



May 2002 - Mark and Tina, along with cameraman Dale (Tina's

                    husband), go backstage at the Brooks & Dunn Neon

                   Circus and Wild West Show to interview Cledus T. Judd.

                   While there, they also speak to members of Trick Pony 

                   (Keith & Ira), Chris Cagle, and also met Sara Evans.


Summer 2002 - Tina and Dale travel to Sweet Home, Oregon for the

                         Oregon Jamboree, and are allowed to interview the

                         exciting duo of Eddie Mongomery and Troy Gentry,

                         better known as Montgomery Gentry. The duo invites

                         Tina and Dale to conduct the interview on the tour bus.


Nov. 2002 - Mark travels to Lincoln City with cameraman Todd Hilton

                     to interview the members of the Rockin' Roadhouse Tour.

                     They are: Joe Diffie, Tracy Lawrence, and Mark

                     Chesnutt.  Tina was unable to make the trip due to an    

                      illness. (For pictures of the guys from the tour posing for

                      us, see the photo page)


Dec 2002 - Just when we thought that 2002 couldn't get more

                    interesting, we found out that we were heading back to

                   Lincoln City. This time to interview Country Music

                    Legend Charlie Daniels.


2003 - No interviews as of April, but we're hoping to go back to the

           Brooks & Dunn concert and get a follow-up interview with

           Cledus T. Judd  and maybe talk to some of the new acts on

           the tour. So, stay tuned and keep watching "Go West".


July 2004 - We had a wonderful time talking to the 2004 Columbia County

                   and Rodeo Court. They are: Queen Caylee Cooper, Princess

                   Nichole Andrews, and Princess Rachel Swanson.  We are

                   very proud of these young ladies and know that they will

                   represent Columbia County very well wherever they go during

                   their time on the court. (Pictures of the court are now on page 2)


July 2004 - We just recently sat down with Jim Hendrickson. For those of you

                   wondering who that is, he is the 2004 Oregon Elk Calling Champion.

                   At the time of this update (8/2/04) this show has not aired, but should

                   start playing on 8/12/04, so watch for that. Jim was kind enough to

                   take a day off to be with us on Go West and demonstrate some of what

                   it takes to become the Oregon Elk Calling Champion. We are hoping to

                   maybe go to the Wildlife Refuge in Jewel, Oregon with Jim one of these

                   days and see if we can get footage of him actually calling an elk into the open.

                   Stay tuned for more on that in the near future.


August 2004 - We are always trying to line up an interview with a Country/Western Artist

                       to interview, so if you hear of someone coming to the area, contact us at the

                       tv station at (503) 397-5886 and leave a message. Also, look for new giveaways

                       coming soon to Go West.